Young People’s Voices

See and hear Young People having a Voice in their wellbeing.

“Sometimes we may think that we’re not being listened to and that there is no one there for us. ‘Young People’s Voices’ shows us that we can be heard and that we’re not alone. The messages on this webpage were written by young people when they were asked about the things in life that can affect their mental health (some good, some bad) and what they do to deal with them”.

Nick : 20yrs old

“This project allows young people to connect on the personal issues that matter the most to them with other young people with whom they can relate, unite and side with. It allows young people to feel more comfortable with discussing their issues and starting a conversation with other young people, as opposed to being intimidated and unconnected with an adult telling them what to do”

Ed : 15 years old


You may find the following short videos helpful. They were written, performed, filmed and edited by Young People as part of a project, funded by Suffolk County Council, that enables Young People to say directly to other Young People what is important to them in maintaining and improving their wellbeing.







Feedback from Young People  

We asked a group of young people what some of the things were that effected their mental health negatively. The web diagram below shows some of their responses.



Suggestions of what to do when feeling down:

We asked the same group of young people about what things they do to stay happy when they are feeling down. Their messages are featured in the web diagram below and may be useful in times of need.




Try to remember the uplifting quotes featured in the diagram below when you’re feeling low. These are all personal messages written by our group of young people and may be useful for staying happy and combatting the problems that affect mental health negatively.




If you are a young person & would like to contribute to our website please do get in touch. Artwork, poems, advice, information for other young people can be displayed. Your on-going feedback on the website, what works for you and other young people – and what doesn’t – is welcome.