Kernos Receives Grant to Help Improve Children’s On-line Safety

The internet is amazing and can be a wonderful resource for children and young people – they can play, learn, create and connect with their peers, opening up a whole new world of possibilities that can be accessed just by swiping a screen.

But that access can also pose hazards and, with the digital world changing and developing all the time, children and young people need to be made aware of these and be shown how to avoid being exposed to possible danger.

It is important therefore that they are able to understand and know how to deal with what they see and hear on the internet, who they meet and what they share about themselves on-line.

Kernos has been successful in obtaining a grant of £3,500 from Santander Bank, which has been provided to fund a project which will see counsellors visiting two local senior schools and talking to Year 7 pupils about using the internet responsibly and safely, recognising potential threats and knowing how to deal with them accordingly.

This funding is also intended to enable these pupils to commission and make their own films – writing, performing, directing and editing them with a professional film company – about On-line Safety, highlighting the particular messages they want to give other young people about the impact of cyber-abuse and the importance of staying safe when using the internet.

The films will subsequently be uploaded on to the Suffolk County Council website to reinforce its on-line safety message:



There are a number of alternative sources of information about on-line safety, with many useful hints and tips for both children and parents – the following are just two: