Kernos gets £5,000 to help Children and Young People

The Suffolk Community Foundation have awarded a grant of £5,000 – from their Raising the Bar Community Fund – to the Kernos Centre to help support Children and Young People in ‘coming to school ready to learn’, focussing on ensuring that every child:

  • reaches their potential
  • is given the best preparation for life before and beyond school

Kernos will use this grant to provide counselling for local Children, Young People and their families – who have specific needs identified by the Team Around the Child (TAC) and Common Assessment Framework (CAF) – in order to help them overcome a range of factors that are impacting on their ability to:

  • fully engage with education and learning
  • maintain safe and supportive relationships
  • make informed, positive lifestyle choices

Because these Children and Young People do not have a diagnosed mental illness, they do not meet the threshold required to receive help from CAMHS (the Child & Adolescent Mental Health Service). Nevertheless, adolescents who are struggling to cope find it very difficult to function properly and to reach their full potential. Providing an early intervention can prevent them from:

  • skipping important stages in their education
  • running away from home
  • self-harming
  • turning to alcohol or drugs
  • the chance of later offending

The £5,000 grant will fund Kernos for over 220 weekly counselling sessions – helping around 40 local Children, Young People and their families referred under the CAF/TAC process. Each will receive a minimum of one counselling session a week for a period of up to 6 weeks, after which a review will be held to see if additional sessions are needed.

The implementation framework of the Government’s Mental Health Strategy links good mental health with better educational achievement. Counselling can remove a child’s emotional barriers to learning and help prevent the downward spiral that can lead to low aspirations and poor educational achievement.

The SCF’s grant will enable Kernos to provide Children and Young People with the appropriate type of counselling that will have a positive effect on their emotional wellbeing as well as their future behaviour, confidence, concentration and ability to learn.

You could also help Kernos extend the scope of this vital service by making a donation directly – this can be done either by:

1. sending a cheque, made out to ‘The Kernos Centre’, to Kernos Centre, 32-34 Friars Street, Sudbury, Suffolk, CO10 2AG


2. clicking on the ‘Donate Now’ button at the top of this screen, and following the instructions

If you are a taxpayer, your contribution could also be eligible for Gift Aid – which means that every £10 contributed is worth £12.50 to Kernos. For a Gift Aid Declaration form, please contact the Centre – either at the above address, by phone on 01787 882883, or by e-mail at