Kernos Companions

Kernos Companions are people, companies or institutions who generate or contribute funding for, or provide complimentary or voluntary services to, the Kernos Centre charity – money and assistance that is vital for us to continue our important work.

There are three categories of Kernos Companion:


Contributors are people who, by generously making either a one-off donation or agreeing to sign up to a programme of regular funding donations, help our work make a significant difference for vulnerable adults, children and young people.

These donations will be used to either completely or partially cover the costs of counselling sessions for those of our clients who desperately need therapy but who unfortunately, due to their circumstances, are unable fully to afford our services.

One-off contributions of the following amounts could provide:

  • £10 – art materials to help young people who cannot verbalise their problems express them visually.
  • £30 – the net cost of 1 hour of face-to-face counselling and support by a fully qualified therapist.
  • £100 – the net cost of a set of counselling sessions that could change a life – or even save a life…

Regular monthly donations enable us to plan our services for vulnerable adults, children and young people more effectively:

  • £5 a month could help us produce information sheets and booklets for clients on subjects that are important to their safety and wellbeing – such as self-harming, anxiety or domestic violence.
  • £10 a month could help fund a programme of therapy that people in crisis – struggling to overcome the effects of trauma or abuse – so desperately need.

To minimise our administration charges, monthly donations are best contributed by Direct Debit. To set up a Direct Debit, click the ‘Donate Now’ button and follow the instructions.

If you are a taxpayer, your donation could also be eligible for Gift Aid – which means that every £10 you contribute is worth £12.50 to us. For a Gift Aid Declaration form, please either e-mail us at or complete the form on the Contact Us page.

As a Kernos Contributor you can opt either to be acknowledged or to remain anonymous – either way you will be eligible to receive information about and, should you so wish, to participate in, the various Kernos activities which take place each year.


Friends of Kernos are those people or organisations who are able to freely donate their time, or to make facilities available, to help and support our community activities in many different, non-financial ways.

For example, providing:

  • free use of a meeting room for a fundraising function
  • temporary furniture and shelter for an outdoor event
  • use of a garden/field for a community event
  • materials and/or manpower for the maintenance of our premises

If you would like to become a Friend of Kernos, please send us details of the help and assistance you would be able to provide, using the form on the Contact Us page – you or your organisation can of course opt to either be acknowledged or remain anonymous.


Corporate Companions are either:

Companies or institutions able to enter into a financial partnership with Kernos – either by way of a direct grant or another agreed type of funding programme – to help us continue to provide counselling services to the local community.

Companies willing to supply complimentary goods and/or services to Kernos on a regular basis in order to help us reduce overheads and consumable costs, allowing our charitable funding to be directed more effectively towards client treatment.

Companies prepared to participate in, and contribute to, joint fundraising activities with Kernos in the local area, in order to help generate greater awareness of the services that we provide.

Amongst other benefits, our Corporate Companions will enjoy:

  • an enhanced local community profile
  • a joint press and PR agreement
  • the advantages of mutual association
  • reciprocal website links

Current Corporate Companions include:

The Suffolk Community Foundation

Suffolk County Council

Babergh District