Kernos awarded Grant to help Family Carers

The Kernos Centre has been awarded a £5,405 grant from Suffolk County Council’s Carer’s Fund to provide one-to-one counselling support specifically aimed at helping Family Carers – people over 18 caring for an adult family member or close friend.

Caring for an adult member of one’s own family, or a close friend, because of old age, illness or disability, can have a huge emotional, physical and financial impact on the Carer, who is usually unprepared for taking on such a major responsibility.

As a result, many Carers experience depression, with a majority feeling highly stressed and fearful of what the future holds, both for them and the person they care for. This is often made worse by the feeling that no one truly understands the complex and challenging circumstances they face as a result of their caring situation.

Carers face a daily struggle with their role, which is often not of their choosing, and this can result in feelings of anger, guilt, resentment and ongoing grief.

Suffolk County Council’s Grant will enable Kernos to offer a free, confidential, one-to-one, counselling service for Family Carers during the next twelve months, providing invaluable high quality practical and emotional support specifically tailored to each Carer’s needs.