Improving On-line Safety

By just clicking a mouse, children and young people can have easy access to a whole new world – but that can also pose hazards…

The Suffolk Police and Crime Commission’s Stay Safe Online fund has awarded Kernos a grant of £10,291 to deliver workshops to Years 5 & 6, in ten local primary schools, about keeping safe on-line, recognising dangers and developing skills needed to stay safe. These workshops will also be offered to parents and will commence in September 2018.

The grant will also fund counselling for young victims of on-line grooming, sexting and cyber bullying.

Kernos has additionally received a grant of £3,500 from the Santander Foundation to fund a project to deliver workshops for Year 7 pupils, in two local senior schools, to help them understand about using the internet safely and responsibly, recognising potential threats and dealing with those accordingly.

This funding will also enable pupils to commission films – writing, performing, directing and editing them with Paul Press of the Offshoot Foundation – about Online Safety, highlighting the impact of cyber-abuse and staying safe when using the internet. The films will subsequently be uploaded to Suffolk CC’s website to reinforce its on-line safety message.