Growing your Tenners!

An exciting new fundraising initiative starts this October when, for six months, will be doubling all online donations – up to a maximum of £10 – made to Kernos and other member charities!

This fundraising campaign starts on Tuesday 14th October at 10am after which all your one-time or monthly contributions, made to us at, will be matched pound-for-pound up to £10, or up to £10 per month, for 6 months.

And, if you are a UK taxpayer and Gift Aid your contribution, a one-time donation of £10 made during the Grow Your Tenner campaign could generate £21.55 for Kernos.

As a Local Giving active charity member, Kernos is eligible to receive matched funding of up to £12,000 from this initiative, which is running across the whole of the UK.

All that’s needed for us to hit this target is for 100 kind people to donate just £10 each month for the duration of the campaign.

So let’s get donating so we can start growing those tenners – it’s all in a very worthwhile cause!

Grow your tenner

And remember, even if you’re unable to donate online but would still like to help the Kernos Centre to continue its valuable work, you can contribute by sending a cheque, made out to ‘The Kernos Centre’ to:

Kernos Centre, 32-34 Friars Street, Sudbury, Suffolk, CO10 2AG