Children & Young People

Counselling 5Kernos provides counselling and support for children and young people who need help in Sudbury, Cornard and the surrounding area. We can work with you and support you through a critical time in your life.

This can help you make positive, informed choices and prevent you acting out of crisis. We provide a safe space for you to have a voice and to be heard – and to be listened to by caring professional counsellors – in confidence.

If you are struggling to deal with emotional issues or problems that affect your everyday life, the opportunity to discuss and work through them with a counsellor may help you understand and solve your current problems, or help you heal from past wounds.

We won’t judge your behaviour or attitude – our aim is to help you regain your self-esteem. We offer you the chance to discuss problems one-to-one and get information and support from a counsellor.

You may have issues that just need a little assistance to help you get back on track – or you may have more serious issues which can have a disruptive impact on your general well-being and ability to cope.

For example, are you:

  • depressed?
  • self-harming?
  • suffering with domestic abuse/violence?
  • being bullied?
  • suffering from anxiety?
  • experiencing a family break-up?
  • grieving?
  • having problems at school?
  • having eating problems?
  • suffering from substance abuse?

No problem is too small or too big – just ring to make an appointment. There is no need to continue counselling if you decide that it’s not helping.

We have leaflets giving more information about various problems – these are available from us free. You can telephone and arrange a convenient time to come in, either for advice, to arrange counselling or just to pick up a leaflet.

You may find these short videos on the Media Resources‘ page helpful.