A Fundraising Cookbook for the Kernos Centre

Between now and the middle of September we are trying to gather together some special recipes to put into a Kernos Cookbook that can be sold in the lead-up to Christmas to raise money for the Kernos Centre.

You can help with this fundraising initiative by submitting to us any of your favourite recipes that are not from a published cookbook – we have to respect copyright laws!

The recipes don’t have to be Cordon Bleu, they can be everyday recipes that you have developed to your own taste – your signature spaghetti dish, Granny’s favourite jam concoction, Auntie’s home-made cider – literally anything…

We’d also appreciate you adding (in one or two sentences only, please) a note of any funny, sad or sentimental memories that may be associated with your recipes – it isn’t essential to do this but it would help to add a personal touch to this special cookbook. Pictures would be good too! And send us as many recipes as you like – it would be fantastic to have the biggest possible selection to choose from.

How the Kernos Cookbook develops will depend on the sort of response we receive. Any ideas will be welcome – and, if the response is overwhelming, we may have to make some editorial choices! We nonetheless hope we’ll be able to include most of your recipes and make the Kernos Cookbook a ‘must-have’ Christmas gift.

When you submit your recipes please state whether you would be happy to have your full or first name mentioned or whether you’d prefer to remain anonymous.

The deadline for recipe submissions is Friday 11th September.

You can e-mail them to admin@kernos.org or post any written contributions to:

Sue Newton, Kernos Centre, 32-34 Friars Street, Sudbury CO10 2AG.

We very much look forward to hearing from you!

Even if you cannot provide us with a recipe for the Kernos Cookbook, you can still contribute to this fundraising initiative by:

1) sending a cheque, made out to ‘The Kernos Centre’, to the above address.


2) clicking on ‘Donate Now’ button at the top of this page, and following the instructions

If you are a taxpayer, your contribution could also be eligible for Gift Aid – which means that every £10 contributed is worth £12.50 to us. For a Gift Aid Declaration form, please contact us – either at the above address or by e-mail at admin@kernos.org.