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Bures Music Festival 2017 Awards Kernos £1000

Kernos is delighted and extremely grateful to have received an award from the Bures Music Festival 2017 - this is being put towards funding therapeutic creative and play equipment for helping to treat Children and Young People.

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Welcome to Kernos Centre

One of the main objectives of counselling is to “guide us from feeling victims of circumstance to feeling we have some control over our lives”  (Hetty Einzig).

The Kernos Centre exists to provide professional counselling and support for people with emotional and psychological difficulties – ensuring those most in need receive appropriate, effective and ongoing help, regardless of their resources.

A Sudbury-based charity founded in 2003, the Kernos Centre makes suitable therapy accessible to anyone – with no financial constraints or restrictions to the number of sessions. We believe that therapy must be given sufficient time to be effective – and our clients always have the right to decide whether and when their needs have been met.

Would you like to help fund us?

There are several ways that you can make a donation to help us continue our work, either directly or through everyday purchases. This page shows the ways you can help.

Raise funds for the Kernos Centre for free when shopping online with over 600 retailers, including:

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Bures Music Festival 2017 Awards Kernos £1000

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